Go G.I. JOE!



Our grandparents remember the line of 12″ dolls kung-fu grip, providing male alternative to Barbie, our parents grew up with the high sterilized goofy cartoon with the 3 1/4″ action figures, as a kid we still remember the pop-culture “Go Joe” and “knowing is Half the Battle.”

And now a live action film based on the popular animated series 25 years ago.. G.I. Joe!, but the question remains “what are they going to look like, the characters & kickass vehicles? whats the story? Is this movie will be a modern telling of the “G.I. Joe vs. Cobra” storyline like the Joe’s we grew up with?

I’ve read some articles on the film according to Brian Goldner the chief operating officer at Hasbro, which introduced G.I Joe in 1964 and executive producer on the “Transformers” movie said

“For fans, they’re really going to love this, because we take them on a journey… We have to go through the first chapter and then build from there.”

“G.I. JOE has gone into filming this past few week, with a great cast and tremendous story all based on the comics and the animation”

Musical to the ears of long time fans of G.I Joe, Goldner also focuses on the origins of Cobra, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke & Baroness. We may all know the story from patriotism to the Arashikage [ninja clan where Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow came from], but Goldner added that they need to built up the story and tell the origins.

“I don’t think you’d see this movie as wacky,” he promised, alluding to some of the more eccentric characters from the cartoon show. “I think you’re going to see this movie as being inspirational for younger kids and totally in the sweet spot for the guys who grew up on G.I. Joe.” said Goldner

In August 2009, we will the live action explosive “G.I. Joe”. In the Mean time G.I. Joe continues to shoot all over the world…

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Ray Park, Rachel Nichols, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Said Taghmaoui, Marlon Wayans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arnold Vosloo, Christopher Eccleston