Selina Kyle a.k.a. CATWOMAN

We’ve seen Bane, we’ve seen Batman, and we’ve seen the Batmobile and some footage of Dark Knight and now let’s meet Anna Hathaway a.k.a. Catwoman…

Judging from this picture maybe you guys are asking a lot of questions right now, like Is she hot enough? Where are the ears and whipped?  Or better yet where is Catwoman? And Why is she on the Batpod? but….

According to Anna Hathaway’s MTV interview what where seeing is just the 1/10th of the Suit, so let’s get our blood boiling down a little bit here and we’ll just have to wait what Nolan’s stored for us and aren’t we all surprised when it was officially announced Heath Ledger is going to play The Joker and were all thinking he’s going to skew another Batman franchise, and of course Heath Ledger Owned the character, it’s irreplaceable.. Hey just sayin

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