Man of Steel Trailer 2


After the glimpse of the teaser trailer of Man of Steel I had a brief idea of the film, now watching the second trailer I saw a whole new charisma of  Zack Snyde’s Superman, that I’ve only felt in the comics (Superman Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski), Clark Kent/Superman grieves his being in a world where he is not yet accepted, this is what impresses  me in this reboot film it shows the humanitarian side of the story of Superman that the previous film did not offer, not to mention the  action and battle between good and evil in a non stereotype way judging from the trailer, well thanks to David Goyer & Christopher Nolan (writers & screen play), we can now marvel the cinematic beauty of one of the most  iconic superhero character that we’ve been longing for.

In Theaters June 14 2013