Avengers Trailers

Can’t get enough Avengers Trailers? alright cool check out the new Japanese Trailer width some new footage  including Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill

Assemblin’ in  May 5 2012 (US)

Avenger Trailer Assemble!

A year from now we’re going to see the pinnacle of every fanboy cinematic ecstasy The Avengers, and while we’re going wait a little bit longer lets take a sneak peak of the trailers, I also added some photos to save you the trouble of hitting the pause button. Enjoy


Release Date:
US (wide): May 4, 2012
Genre: Super-Hero
Other Genres: Adventure, Action
Production Company: Marvel Studios
Language: English

Captain America
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Tony Starks/Ironman
Thor Again
Nick Fury