Avenger Trailer Assemble!

A year from now we’re going to see the pinnacle of every fanboy cinematic ecstasy The Avengers, and while we’re going wait a little bit longer lets take a sneak peak of the trailers, I also added some photos to save you the trouble of hitting the pause button. Enjoy


Release Date:
US (wide): May 4, 2012
Genre: Super-Hero
Other Genres: Adventure, Action
Production Company: Marvel Studios
Language: English

Captain America
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Tony Starks/Ironman
Thor Again
Nick Fury

Tony Starks on HULK?


It’s been five years since we’ve seen this jelly-green guy in the big screen.

This time Bruce Banner is searching for the cure for his “anger management”, and I hope it will not take 45mins before I see Hulk coz in the previous movie I already ate up all the popcorn, done day dreaming Jennifer Connelly belly dancing in my tongue & went to the comfort room five times just to see a glimpse of Hulk and left me green. I’ve been reading some article that this next version is inspired by the Hulk TV series starring Lou Ferrigno from the 70’s, with the whole new cast and mood, even reinventing the origins of Hulk. And this time around we can finally see his monstrous adversary The Abomination and see the Hulk we ‘ve always wanted to see Grrrrhhh!! There are some rumors that Tony Starks is appearing in this movie… And I’ll bet my ridiculous government taxes Tony Starks will Appear.

Directed by: Louis Leterrier