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Yes True Believers…

We were not disappointed (well as expected), i really have to give credits to the Cast & Director Jon Favreau for sticking to the origins and Respecting the source materials of Iron man giving us fans how to start a summer with a blast. Why it works, Robert Downey Jr.really pull it off this time and only a few actors can do. His cocky & funny personality gave an Identity on Tony Starks, the chemistry of Tony & Pepper Pots played by Gweneth Paltrow (who by the way grew up with her brother reading Spider-man Comic books) gave the us an insight of there Romantic relationship and more satisfying rather than MJ & Peter Parker.

There were a little gripes that i noticed in the Movie, well i was really waiting for the Heavy metal riffs of Black Sabbath’s “Ironman” entrance, while Tony (using the Mark 1) blasting his way out of the cave. And oh the trailer… ahh well they spoiled mostly the best part of the movie.

And to the parent who wants to watch with there kids this weekends you might want to cover there eyes a few seconds right after the ambuse interview of Tony Starks, unless you want to see your 4 yr. old Sons & daughters; Starks pumping the Hot Reporter. Just pretend your getting some pop corn for a few sec.

There were also an introduction of characters to the sequel of the movie such as Nick Fury & War Machine. According to Entertainment TonighIron Man premiere and got a chance to speak to Viacom and CBS Executive Chairman Sumner Redstone and Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey who said that if the movie does as well as expected, the studio will be looking to release the sequel in 2010. Iron Man 2 could easily open on April 30, which is a Friday, essentially giving it almost a similar release date as the first film.” And be sure to stay after the credits…