Hello there True Believers

It’s just hours away to see IRONMAN blasting in to the bigscreen and can’t wait to see those awesome effects and jaw dropping fighting scenes right before our eyes and most of all The Invinsible IRONMAN (I just love saying that). Another creation from the man himself Stan Lee who brought us Spider-man, Hulk, Blade, Daredevil, Electra, X-men and many more Marvelous characters in the Comic world. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a super hero movie that is fierce and funny, Well lets face it ladies & gentle dudes nothing is more exiting other than a Comic book based Movie, well yeah we all known the story, Tony Stark a Billionaire Industrialist, consummate playboy, who was kidnapped and force to build a weapon of mass destruction; instead he built an high-tech. armor to escape the terrorists, returned to America and refines the armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man.(ahh the classics) But what is exiting about this movie is were going to see the armored Avenger flying and Escaping those Raptor jets, explosives coming out of his forearm, blasters energized from his palm, rocketing to the horizons men my face melted. it’s like it was stripped out from the pages of comic book and thats what we’ve liked about Marvel Studio, “Respecting the source materials” making it a compelling story, with the bad-boy image like Robert Downey jr. Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and Oscar nominee Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges and will be directed by the gifted film maker Jon Favreau not to mention ear popping Riffs of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man has pretty much everything you could want in a summer blockbuster film. See you at the Movies True Believers…

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